Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Electric vehicle charging solutions for homes and businesses across the United Kingdom.

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We provide residential EV chargers for a variety of homes, apartments and complexes.


We provide commerical EV chargers for a range of hotels, restaurants and car parks.


We provide workplace EV charges for offices, factories, warehouses and more.

Andersen A2


A stylish EV charging point that hides the integrated cable. The Andersen A2 enhances the charging experience for the enthusiast electric vehicle drivers with increased levels of 3-Phase, 22kW power and SMART controlled connectivity. Unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology are showcased perfectly in the Andersen A2.

  • Charging Power: 3kW / 7kW / 22kW
  • Dimensions: 494mm x 348mm x 148mm (Metal) / 494mm x 348mm x 156mm (Wood)
  • Socket type: Tethered (Type 2)

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EO Mini Pro


Meet the EO Mini Pro - the world’s smallest smart home charger designed for the energy conscious EV driver. It’s powered by intelligent software so that you can start, stop and schedule charging – all from the palm of your hand. Your next adventure, commute to work or school run starts here.

  • Charging Power: 3.6kW / 7.2kW
  • Dimensions: 175mm x 125mm x 125mm
  • Socket type: Universal / Tethered (Type 1) / Tethered (Type 2)

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Rolec EV Wallpod


The WallPod is a smart charging unit which has been designed to provide the user with a simple, mobile phone interactive EV charging solution for the home. The EV driver can control the charging activity of their WallPod unit using their mobile phone, as well as allowing them to monitor/record all their charging activity, data and history.

  • Charging Power: 3.6kW / 7.2kW
  • Dimensions: 465mm x 179mm x 142mm
  • Tethered (Type 2)

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Project EV Pro Earth


3 Year Warranty

No Earthing Rod Required

Meet the next generation of EV charge points: Built in earthing arrangement means no costly groundwork, holes in driveways or additional mess or costly inspection chambers.

  • Charging Power: 7.3kW
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 380mm x 145mm
  • Untethered
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